Rising Partners aims at being the point of reference for 360° Consulting Services in Marketing Strategy and Communications Projects, taking advantage of the latest technology tools available on the market.

Our Specialization

Rising Partners is dedicated to supporting brands, ventures and organizations to grow their business, while focusing on solutions that build on relationships with existing customers and communities.

As a consulting company, we deliver strategy and services in Marketing and Communications projects while leveraging the culture of the Blockchain, Web3, AI and the best practices of the Creative Economy. 

Our specific expertise lies in Above The Line (ALT) and Below The Line (BLT) communication, Loyalty projects and Branding, and Art and Technology Marketing and Communications. 

Technology Experience and creativity are our main assets,

but Strategy and Problem Solving is our main approach.

Through our combined expertise in the arts, technology, research, PR, marketing and communications, we operate both IRL, on digital and in Web3 environments, offering our clients:

  • Strategic consultancy for business development
  • Marketing and integrated communications 
  • Thought leadership programs and events
  • Creative services IRL and in the growing Web3 environment
  • Blockchain and AI tools to solve specific business issues

Our Team has directed projects for:

“Strategy is a style of thinking, a conscious and deliberate process, an intensive implementation system, the science of ensuring future success.”

Peter (Pete) Johnson (1904-1967), American jazz pianist.