About Us

services we offer

Creative Development

As lifelong champions of the arts, and fluent in the language of culture, we support creative ideation, planning and execution through curatorial research, creative writing, and site-specific installations /events.

Marketing and Communication

Our background in International Branding and Customer Relationship Marketing has taught us that every strategy that works and is long-lasting is built on and with marketing and communication. This includes branding, positioning, content marketing, events and business development projects.

Rising Salon

We structure dedicated training events, shaped on the specific company needs, and aimed at helping top management transformation, to master the new technology and market requirements. They are held with the cooperation of world-renown experts and staged in immersive and involving experiences.

Strategic Planning

We lend a critical eye to identify the strategies necessary to accomplish your goals and how to monitor and evaluate progress, including budget allocation, resource allocation, executive off-sites, and consensus building.

What We Do

Through our combined expertise in the arts, technology, research, marketing, and communications, clients gain cost-effective development, marketing and creative strategies, to transform and grow. We do all this through our Rising Method(™) helping clients understand, plan, connect and market.

Where we live

We live in the cultural realm (IRL), as well as in Web3, and blend our abilities to translate all that’s new in culture and technology into ways that help clients, now. We are on the Blockchain (NEAR Protocol) with the Rising Dao, as well as developing programs with global artists in the world and “on chain”.

TeamLab borderless: MORI Building Digital Art Museum, Tokyo, JP. 2018.

The Rising Method™


to get there


to build by

  • Sharing of objectives and ideas and new market desires, and consequent buy-in to the project by top management, investors and teams; 
  • Generation of ideas, shared and co-generated, to then work with greater speed and efficiency; 
  • Transparent plan budget, defining it as a deliverable of the Method;   
  • Co-division of the approach and plan of actions to be carried out, before having to commit to realizing it.