What We Do

What We Do

Through our combined expertise in the arts, technology, research, marketing, and communications, clients gain cost-effective development, marketing and creative strategies, to transform and grow. We do all this through our Rising Method(™) helping clients understand, plan, connect and market.

Ian Davenport. 57th biennial of art, Venice, IT. 2017.

Where we live

We live in the cultural realm (IRL), as well as in Web3, and blend our abilities to translate all that’s new in culture and technology into ways that help clients, now. We are on the Blockchain (NEAR Protocol) with the Rising Dao, as well as developing programs with global artists in the world and “on chain”.

TeamLab borderless: MORI Building Digital Art Museum, Tokyo, JP. 2018.

services we offer


Rising Partners’ objective is to create long-lasting relationships between people, innovation, products and brands. We work with concrete and measurable KPIs, yet we are flexible in this emerging Creative Economy. Therefore, we define, shape and adapt to a specific path for each project and client.


Rising Partners supports artists, institutions, creative technology and visionaries identify and create collaborative opportunities in Web3. We help you create and grow vibrant communities around your brand; we support you in designing and implementing community incentives to enhance your brand reputation and foster authentic relationships.


We provide customized training and workshops on web3 technologies, platforms, and case studies, as well as best practices for web3 marketing, community building, and compliance.


We bring our 20+ years of experience in research design, data collection and analysis to gain insights that meet the client’s strategic needs.


We lend a critical eye to identify the strategies that are necessary to accomplish goals and evaluate progress, by executing successful web3 projects that align with your vision and mission. We help you define your project scope, timeline, budget, resources, risks, and deliverables.


We think of ways of integrating web3 technologies with your existing processes to enhance efficiency and security. So, we design and develop innovative web3 projects that solve real-world problems, creating IRL and on chain solutions for your customers and community.

rising method

Our Rising Method™ is a way to offer art institutions, those in the Creative Economy, and creative technology ventures to have access to business tools that only large corporations have been able to afford. The Rising Method™ provides a quick, collaborative and cost-effective evaluation of clients’ needs and how we can help them achieve their goals.

The Rising Method™, in fact, provides a quick and collaborative assessment of the actual needs and what should be planned. In this way, the project will be defined on the basis of this first survey, and its budget allocated accordingly, without having to commit large resources at the start.

The Rising Method™ consists of providing a condensed package of research, strategic direction and draft action plan. This plan also includes interviews with top management, study of existing internal data and gathering of available published resources.

We can cut the initial package according to the specific needs of the customer.

Packaged Strategic Services

Planning and Budgeting

Research and Creative Ideation

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