UC Irvine/Beall Center

The Project

The initial market research and partnership frameworks for the launch of the Beall Center for Art and Technology were executed by Sarah Kornfeld.

Additionally, she co-produced the installation by Pollack-Krasner Awardee artist, AM Hoch for the premier of the center. The piece, Mitosis: Formation of Daughter Cells was an unsettling portrayal of the multitude of perspectives, often conflicting, of one family’s history.

The complex digital architecture required to realize Mitosis: Formation of Daughter Cells was provided by dotsperinch’s Mark Shepard, Carlos Tejada, and Fiona Cate Murphy. The voice-over featured Wallace Shawn, Deborah Eisenberg, and Andrea Schell; also with Wendy Walker and Amo Gulinello; video performances by Brigid McInnes Connelly and Francine Dreyfus.

Peggy Guggenheim Foundation