Rising Method

Our Rising Method™ is a way to offer art institutions, those in the Creative Economy, and creative technology ventures to have access to business tools that only large corporations have been able to afford. The Rising Method™ provides a quick, collaborative and cost-effective evaluation of clients’ needs and how we can help them achieve their goals.

The Rising Method™, in fact, provides a quick and collaborative assessment of the actual needs and what should be planned. In this way, the project will be defined on the basis of this first survey, and its budget allocated accordingly, without having to commit large resources at the start.

The Rising Method™ consists of providing a condensed package of research, strategic direction and draft action plan. This plan also includes interviews with top management, study of existing internal data and gathering of available published resources.

We can cut the initial package according to the specific needs of the customer.




We help take the fear out of change, in a world where creativity changes every day, from technology to commerce, artistry and brand.

Rising Partners has developed packaged services to meet the needs of change; we tell you exactly what we want to achieve with you, the time and funds it will take, and we keep it all above board.

As experts in the Creative Economy space, we are proud to reflect transparency in our own work.




We work with clients to identify, strategize and then support the writing of plans/budgets with success in mind.

This is a cost-effective process for any team that wants the support of senior level consulting.

We are experts in both multinational internal planning, as well as practical experiences growing projects and brands in the creative economy.


and Creative


We support creative technology ventures design tools and experiences for a new generation of artists, audiences, and patrons.

The explosion of the Creator Economy seems to be the first step in a genuine change in how artists/creatives want to do business. 

To support this transition, we will provide you with our 20+ years of experience in market research, strategic communications and influencer relations to our creative technology clients.




We integrate the wisdom of relationship management with the excitement found in emerging collaborative platforms.

Our Rising Method for Brands takes the anxiety out of this exciting opportunity. 

The old way of brand development is over, the new realities of technology, a shared economy on the Blockchain, and the emergence of Web3 has changed the game.

Creative Networking




We support companies to:

  • Identify the right creative networks and develop an organic plan to engage them
  • Meet the right creative partners innovating on the edge
  • Develop the creative programs plans from these engagements to thrive in the creative economy.

The creative world is quickly evolving and it’s very hard to keep up. The advent of the Internet, Web3, NFTs and the metaverse have impacted how we must plan for marketing in a dynamic world. 

Yet, relationships are everything, and trust is only earned through engagement. We help you engage and build meaningful, trusting partnership.