Portrait #1: Lagos, Nigeria

We are all born from her, and we are also participants in her horror, and, hopefully, her demand for healing. From our collective DNA, to our shared history of colonialism and re-creation of freedom, we are indirectly or directly connected to her. And, Africa has always gone first in living and in art. And, so it should be no surprise that Africa is where we found many artists who were “first-in” to develop Creative DAOs on the NEAR Protocol.

The DAOs profiled here in Africa were born from a group of musicians, artists, community curators, and educators focused on community and the hope of art. These artists find the NEAR Protocol to be “Creatives Friendly” – and that, above all, NEAR should be complimented for providing this space and mindset to creatives.

Nigeria is home to 200 Million people and is one of the youngest cultures in the world. With this vibrant youth culture in music, art, fashion, video/film and social activism, Nigeria is a fascinating case study for all of us who aim to create art and community. Therefore, we believe, as global artists, we must turn again to Africa, and learn from her artists and her power of tribe, shared goals, and creative drive.

This is Portrait #1: Lagos, Nigeria – Artists of a New Planet.

Artist credit:

Dedeukwu: , Musician, Producer and Community Activist.

Reespect: Musician, Rapper, member, and Council member for C1 Guild.

Eric Asomugha: Writer, Journalist, Educator, Newsletter editor and council C1 Guild and

Chukwu Nduka Samson (Sammiee): Producer, Curator, Community Activist, C1 Guild Member, Founder; Creatives In The Streets (CTS , Capital Guild co-founder and council member, event planner, realtor, content creator, business development strategist, idealist, public speaker and Host.

Danjuma “DeejayDev” Ashiwaju: Digital Content Creator Entrepreneur, Producer, Technologist,| Founder of AJO DAO.

Created by Sarah Kornfeld and David Okeke Ifeanyichukwu.

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