Rebranding for an ever-changing company, at the verge of a new, key acquisition.

The Project

Our Client needed a rebranding project, on the occasion of acquiring their main competitor. The company had grown through acquisitions, in EMEA region, arriving at five times their original sales volume, in only five years, and with a portfolio of brands largely exceeding one hundred. This called for an integrated project, that required several steps:

• Gathering and organizing data from all the companies in the Region, for each brand, and interviewing local and central top management, to define expectations and specific needs of each company, in each country.

• Mapping the situation of each brand, and building an algorithm that would normalize the numbers, as well as find a common denominator, to compare and assess each in the correct context.

• Plan for each brand a rebranding approach and timing, enhancing all legal and production issues, coordinating with operations, and estimating costs for rebranding. Scenarios.