Sky Extra
We have studied, developed and implemented innovative programs dedicated to the Sky Customer Base, both in terms of content and structure.​

The Project

We have studied, developed and implemented an innovative program dedicated to the Sky Customer Base (about 5 million customers), both in terms of concept and structure. Extra is a new way of relating to customers. From the strategic approach with the customer, to the tone of voice, simple and close, to the benefits, always in line with their needs. Extra wants to break all barriers and get directly to the heart of the customer.

It succeeded, in rapid time. With a dedicated task force (for a total of 12 of our Consultants), we followed the strategic approach, as well as the creative development, starting from the concept to the logo, from the design of the website, to the TV campaigns. It is now considered an international benchmark, achieving its business objectives in 2 months from launch. Thus, we were also assigned the strategic consultancy for the launch in the UK and Deutschland.

Furthermore, the tier-based program has been taken as a point of reference by numerous other Italian telecoms companies.