UC Irvine/Beall Center For Art And Technology

The initial market research and partnership frameworks for the launch of the Beall Center for Art and Technology were executed by Sarah Kornfeld. Additionally, she co-produced the installation by Pollack-Krasner Awardee artist, AM Hoch for the premier of the center.

The piece, Mitosis: Formation of Daughter Cells was an unsettling portrayal of the multitude of perspectives, often conflicting, of one family’s history. The complex digital architecture required to realize Mitosis: Formation of Daughter Cells was provided by dotsperinch’s Mark Shepard, Carlos Tejada, and Fiona Cate Murphy.

The voice-over featured Wallace Shawn, Deborah Eisenberg, and Andrea Schell; also with Wendy Walker and Amo Gulinello; video performances by Brigid McInnes Connelly and Francine Dreyfus.

California Academy Of Science (CAS)/Plastic Century