California Academy Of Science (CAS)/Plastic Century

In 2010, CAS commissioned Sarah Kornfeld, Dr. Wallace J Nichols, Dr. Stuart Candy, and Dr. Jake Dunnigan to create an installation that would explore the impact of single-use plastics in honor of the 100 birthday of Jacque Cousteau.

The team was a compilation of artists, marine biologists, and futurists. The piece was created as a sardonic look at the impact on drinking water and the ocean with four handmade water coolers, each other the approximate image of plastic in the water since Cousteau’s Birth.

Developed in residency at the Gray Area Foundation for The Arts, the piece was shown throughout California, and was featured in the magazine FAST COMPANY — “Plastic Pollution In the Water? Drink Up!” the piece went viral and was one of the first art interventions on the issue of single-use plastics at CAS.

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